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What's in a bag?

Not all gift bags are the same! Items in a specific gift bag are directly influenced by what donations we've received and what we have available.  However, we try to include a mix of necessities (wipes, blankets, gift cards, etc.)  and meaningful items.  Below is some information about a few items that are often included and have a special purpose or meaning.

Bags: Service
Alex Ani 4 leaf.jpg

Four Leaf Clover Item

Much like people with Down syndrome, four leaf clovers have a little something extra.  We believe that both also tend to bring luck and love to others.

Bag July 11 6.jpg

Boo Bunny

Some babies with Down syndrome experience more testing and medical intervention than typical babies.  These sweet Boo Bunnies make things a little easier.

Nose Frida.jpg

Nose Frida

Babies with Down syndrome often have smaller nasal passages and proper drainage can be a challenge.  These are parent tested and approved to gently help.

paint octopus red pic.jpg

We'll Paint the Octopus Red

We love this book that reinforces the truth that children with Down syndrome are more alike than different!  This book is for siblings, cousins, friends, and everyone else.

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